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  • On The Bridge

    Black and white photo, circa 1940's. Hand colorized background and bridge with wash, but decided to leave the main subject black and white.
    Posted to Show Your Creations (Forum) by Loretta Massarotto on 12-31-2010
  • Wild Magic

    Being new to this community it took me a moment to figure out how exactly the posting process works. I hope I got it right. I was playing around with colour when I settled on this piece. The design is very soft and simplistic but It turned out just how I wanted it to.
    Posted to Show Your Creations (Forum) by Miss_Story on 10-06-2010
  • Viking Babe Victoria - commission for

    alright..... so as per my instructions this will be my first art posting..... yay =) lets hope this works.. it was a pencil sketch scanned in to painter for lineart and coloring...... hope this works **crosses fingures**
    Posted to Show Your Creations (Forum) by beatrice on 09-16-2010
  • Lady Day

    Here's one more musician portrait to add to our collection! I wanted to do a female artist this time, and I choose the great jazz singer Billie Holiday - not only because of her voice, but also for her striking appearance as a graphical element in itself. My mind's eye recalled her portraits...
    Posted to Show Your Creations (Forum) by jan4insight on 08-04-2010
  • Corn Maiden - 3 variations

    She's a statue standing proudly on the grounds of the Albuquerque Museum. I photographed her on a bright fall day a while back, and last night I used her picture for my Essentials playtime. I made several variations, and i'm going to show you three of them in three posts on this thread - let's...
    Posted to Show Your Creations (Forum) by jan4insight on 06-27-2010
  • Practice pieces: 6 Gypsies

    I started with a vintage b&w photo of this gypsy lady, which I got from The Graphics Fairy , my favorite site for copyright-free vintage images. It's made a nice piece to practice with & explore the different effects you can get with autopainting. These were the six best, imo. I collaged...
    Posted to Show Your Creations (Forum) by jan4insight on 06-20-2010
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