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About Tolouse Leplotte a.k.a. Alan

65yrs old, living on the edge of sanity and Sherwood Forest. You are probably wondering why I chose this name - well if I didn't address my need to be creative again I thought I was about to lose the plot. I have spent over forty years as a photographer, but needed to get back to my roots, and remember how much I enjoyed the art training I had prior to attending art college as a photography student. As a young boy, on into my teens, and early adulthood I was rarely without a brush in my hand, (or a pint of beer) One can alleviate all the stresses and strains of life by spending time just being creative. It is sanctuary time, and a way of still finding beauty in the world despite all the problems, it is soothing to the soul, and a personal piece of art makes a wonderful gift for friends or relatives, whether as a card, or a mounted and framed piece. Art has no limits or boundaries, it only takes a little time, and now digital relatively cost free. It is a language we can all share universally, young or old, of all abilities, and I am grateful that we have been given the use of this site to learn, develop, and indeed promote digital art to a more acceptable level - the only limits are those of our imagination and dreams. It is a steep learning curve, but painter essentials smooths out many of the bumps on that journey of discovery and artistic endeavour.

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