Windows 10

They released info about Windows 10.

Yes, Windows 10, they skip number 9.


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  • Why on Earth have they jumped nine? Thanks for the link.

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    Why on Earth have they jumped nine?

    Well Corel was first to skip versions...from Painter X3 (13) to Painter

    Here is some further info on Win 10:

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    more info

    I recommend watching while relaxing, it is good to know the OS because I think it will be a hit compared t windows 8



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    Painter runs flawlessly in Windows 10. It even ran through VM on junk PC we used to install OS on. I really like the OS btw.



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    I've been using this OS for a while now, I just want to get used to it, and someone is keeping the builds up to date for me.

    Anyway, it's really nice. I never encounter issues with it, all my programs work, my tablet works, my mouse works, all my software works.

    I said how much I hated to use Windows 8, if windows 10 was bad I'd say it, but it's good, even the beta builds, the new browser or voice functionality from cortana is not available yet afaik.

    But also, today the they said Windows 10 will be free for everyone who has windows 7 or windows 8.1 up until a year after launch.

    So if you have W7 or W8, you'll get a free upgrade.

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    They fixed several things in the latest update and outside of the autohiding taskbar bugging sometimes, it's a really good OS.

    Anyway, the built in Windows 10 photo app is surprisingly good. It can do almost anything you'd expect, it even accepts RAW files, and it can select color patterns. You can't sharpen or fix barrel distortion, but it's still a good program.

    If you shoot jpeg pictures and need minor adjustments and feel like photo manipulation programs are too complex and unwieldy, this works well. I am guessing lots of ppl will use this for their vacation pictures.

    Some pics to show.

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    I've tried the Cortana voice functionality too, she seems to only understand my broken English, she doesn't seem to find what I am looking for half the time, and it's fun to play around with, but I don't expect ppl using this on a daily basis until she gets better at understanding what you mean.

    It's extremely similar to how Siri works, both in th eway it works, but also because after a while, many ppl stopped using Siri because it's just not that convenient as it seem at first. It's the same with Cortana, it seems fun at first, but then you just type in the site you need or click your bookmark instead of relying on voice, you type in the program you need or click it instead of asking cortana, you know.

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    Changed those pictures in png, somehow they got compressed really badly in jpg.

    Anyway, here's some more stuff you can do with it. It has an effects library, rotate, sharing, slideshow, email, and some other stuff.

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    So, they introduced the new "Spartan" browser in Windows 10 like 2 days ago. It will replace IE11.

    I think it's terrible.

    -Bookmarks don't properly show and are cut off as you can see.

    -Bookmarks aren't color coded or have a miniature icon in front. They all get the same globe icon, super unintuitive.

    -You can't drag a URL to your bookmark toolbar. You have to manually go into settings and add it.

    -Clicking the + for a new tab makes the browser screen flicker for some reason. Super annoying, it's like your browser is about to crash.

    -You can't right click anywhere, you have to go into settings for everything.

    -There is a note taking bar (the purple thing), I have no idea what those icons mean and other people don't either, no idea how it works. You'd think hovering over them would give you a tooltip. Nope.

    -Doesn't work well for many sites, in fact I had to use Firefox to write this, since the browser kept messing up my post

    -It lives up to it's Spartan name, you can't do anything with this browser, it's super super minimalistic, I don't get the point.

    This is by far the worst browser I have ever used.

    You might say it's a beta, but there are lots of things that are still not working properly in Windows 10, that in other beta would have never happened. Like turning on magnification crashes my PC. Auto-hide hotbar just doesn't work. etc. Just things that you'd expect to work by now.

    Overall Windows 10 is still a good OS, but I'm less happy to use it because they are slow to fix things, they don't want to listen to users and developers who have issues and the new browser is just so bad.

    It's still better than Windows 8, but that's not saying much.