I am having trouble with a painting I'm doing from a photo taken 32yrs ago.

Its nearly finished except for the hair - I'm trying to get a sheen ( shininess) to it, as at the moment it is looking dry.

Any suggestion please will be appreciated 

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  • Without seeing it it's difficult to say but jsut remember that all hair is mutli-colored and the sheen to which you refer are actually specular highlights so don't be afraid to experiment with some very light tones worked in.  Just look at the hair color commercials.  They are all proclaiming highlights. ;-)

    Just a thought,


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    Thanks Steve

    Will look into it a bit more :)


  • Perhaps try the dodge & burn tool (dodge lightens and burn darkens) from your toolbox. Or, you could go to the HSV bar under (if it's not showing, it's under Windows>Color Palattes>Color Info) and shift the S(aturation) and V(alue) bars to adjust the color of the hair you're painting.

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  • Hi grandmasue,

    I'm going to move your thread to the Tips & Tricks forum since the topic is not a general discussion about art and artist but instead about using Corel Painter to paint hair. This is not specific to a particular Painter version so the Tips & Tricks forum seems the best choice.


    Now to offer some help:


    Hair Color Sets available to download from Darlissa's website

    Download the Zip file under Color Sets/Palettes - based on Jaager's Hair Color Palettes (used with permission > Painter, using the link named Hair Color Sets (7 KB). It contains 18 Color Sets with the file extension .TXT so you should be able to load them in any recent (or old) Painter version.


    Creating Tangible, Touchable Hair -
    Explains understanding hair and demonstrates different styles, both long and short

    Among the many available on the Web, this is one of the best hair painting tutorials I recall ever seeing:

    Tutorial: Painting Hair, by Enayla

    It's not only beautiful to look at, Enayla's written the tutorial thoughtfully, thoroughly, and clearly. It's a pleasure to read and I think
    it'll be a pleasure to follow.

    Enayla is definitely a Painter master! You may know her by her real name, Linda Bergkvist.

    If you'd like to see some of her other art, take a look here (I think this link has been posted at TutorAlley Forums before):

    Enayla's Gallery 

    Hope you enjoy both the tutorial and Enayla's gallery, and please share your results with us when you put the tutorial to use.


    At PixelAlley, there's a tutorial named:

    Mixing Two Colors on a Brush to Paint Hair

    I'm sure many of you can do better than I did in the tutorial's illustrations. They were done quickly and just meant to give you an idea of how the brush can be made to paint.


    In addition to that method of painting with more than one color in the brush stroke, there are now a few others you can read about in a couple of other tutorials at PixelAlley:

    Painting with More than One Color in the Brush Stroke, A Few Methods

    Color Variability From Gradient, A Two-point Gradient


    Happy Hair Painting!

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    Thank you all

    I must take time out to learn the craft properly or I'll never be satisfied in what I produce 


  • On my blog there are tips on hair paint, unfortunately only in German. In the internet, however, there are opportunities for Übersetzungungen. For Mac, there is a Dashboard widget that I use Google because my English is very bad.


  My Blog painters-blog, unfortunately only in German
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     Thanks Klecksel

    I'll do my best in looking it up :)

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    Sue,  Jinny has given you some good tutorials to follow.


    One thing I do when painting hair is start with a darker colour as a foundation.  Blocking in.  The Bristle brushes a great to use for hair and by adjusting in either Brush Controls or Brush Creator you can achieve some great brush features.

    Once your hair is blocked-in, begin adding colour, very light strokes building up as you go.  It perhaps would be prudent to do each section on a new layer.  Don't use blenders.  I'd like to see your finished painting.

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    Ah Hair.  I LOVE doing hair with Painter.    Often I will use the oil brushes...Round camel hair... and set the brush as follows.

    SIZE:  adjust this to the size brush that will fit the image you  are working with

    FEATURE: adjust this to set the bristles on your brush closer or farther apart.  By doing this you can use a highlight color that shows up on just a few strands or many stands.  Sort of like what they do at the beauty parlor.

    You can lay in a base coat of solid color first, then highlight with the above brush in your desired settings.  I have some examples here:

    Once you have created "hair" you can gently use one of  the Oily blenders to create more sheen.   It will take some experimenting, but I can assure you it is FUN!

    I hope this helps.  *:)

    Ginger Nielson *:)
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    Many of these links are no longer valid. some lead to dead ends. some to junk pages.