Painter 16 Layer masks

Is it possible to duplicate layer masks in Painter? Sometimes I need to mask one same thing on a bunch of layers.

If it's not possible, how to go about re-using a layer mask or selection??

And is it possible to change the opacity of a layer mask?

These are all thing that are very easy to do in Photoshop.


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  • If you want to reuse selections, you should store it in a channel instead of a mask. Channels are layer independent, you can keep reloading the selection

    Photoshop does allow you to select the mask with CTRL and copy a mask over and over. But, in my opinion, this isn't how you should be using masks to begin with, if you want to reuse a layer independent selection, you should be using channels.

  • Scarlett Freund

    And is it possible to change the opacity of a layer mask?

    No, use a channel, it will give you access to your tonal control settings.

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    How do I turn a saved selection into a mask in Painter? I know how to load the saved selection but then I'm stuck. In Photoshop, when you have a selection loaded and you click on the layer mask button, it turns the selection into a mask. In Painter, if you click on the mask button, nothing happens.

    How do I turn the loaded selection (with marching ants) into a mask?
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    There is a " Create layer mask from selection" or something I think.

    I'm not at my PC.

    Otherwise just load the selection from the channel, select-> invert, select your layer, make a mask, tap the selection with a black paint bucket. It will retain any greys.

  • Check out the Help files if you haven't already - Help > Layer Masks > Copying...

    As you can see there's a lot of crossover between Channels and Layer Masks. It probably doesn't help you directly but it should get you where you want to go ... kinda.
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    Thanks so much! I have never seen the "tap the selection with a black paint bucket" advice before. Maybe this is a very obvious step, but not to me. Can't tell you how helpful this is.
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    Thanks! I checked the Help files but there's nothing there specifically about duplicating or copying a layer mask. But I got the answer I was looking for from the person replying above. So all's good.