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Has anybody else noticed how Painter seems to buid up lines (in some cases) in segments? There are two instances I've noticed this behaviour, firstly when holding down the shift key to draw a horizontal or vertical line, there seems to be a minimum length of line you can draw. I often try to draw a very short line whilst holding down shift and it won't do it, I have to draw a slightly longer line and then erase. The second instance is when snapping to a curve, again Painter seems to split the line into segments, I often find that I have to go slightly beyond where I want the line to stop.

Has anybody else noticed this? Is there setting I can change?

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  • I don't have an answer or suggestion at the moment but it might be worthwhile telling us which brush or brushes you are using so that we can duplicate. I used the 2B pencil and can get smaller and smaller lines if I zoom in.

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    I use the Real pencils most of the time, and the Cover pencil but I just tried with random brushes and the same thing happens in every case. Your mention of zoom level got me thinking so I zoomed in onto the short lines I had just struggled to draw. Zoomed in I was able to draw lines the same length with ease but as I tried shorter and shorter I hit the same issue. Perhaps it's a display issue.

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    Yeah, I would only be guessing the reason. Could be display. A delay in calculating? Not knowing at such small distances whether you are going to restrain to horizontal, vertical or 45 degrees therefore it needs a longer stroke?

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    I mentioned in another thread about lag when using shift, I think it is actually this issue. If the line I try to draw is too short it just won't draw, which feels like lag. Perhaps you're right about it being unable to work out what I want to do, i.e. snap to horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

    I'm a product designer so I draw a lot of sections of how stuff fits together, hence I use constrain to horizontal/vertical a lot. It's a bit of nuisance but I'm sure I'll work around it.

    I haven't tried SBPro to see if it does the same thing, might try it although I prefer working in Painter.

    Thanks for your help (again), JoeC.

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    Mister B
    I haven't tried SBPro to see if it does the same thing,

    Interesting, I just tried SBPro and it has the same behaviour (or very similar anyway).

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    Yeah, SBPro is exactly the same. It only happens with the snap on, without it I can draw tiny lines in either programme. I think your explanation is right, Joe, the software doesn't know to which axis I want to snap. That must be the answer. It would be nice if Corel and/or Autodesk could improve this behaviour although I'm not sure how they'd do it.