Repost of Update 2 regarding Maverick (OSX 10.9) Support

For those looking for an update on Maverick support in Painter, please visit this thread:

thank you!


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  • Is there a similar update for Paint It! on the Mac?  Since Mavericks was installed, my Paint It! won't open, with the following error:

    Error 20: Corel Paint It has encountered a problem. Please reinstall from the original source.

    I have reinstalled from original source, same problem.


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    In reply to TN.Steve:

    Please see the knowledge base article at the top of the screen.  Go to and follow the instructions for error 20. This will resolve your install problem.



  • In reply to Anonymous:

    I followed the instructions there as written but when I got to the instructions to launch Paint It, I got the same error and it would not open.  Why doesn't Corel support their programs they sell?  It has been 5 months since Mavericks release and yet they have not come up with a fix?  Issue: Corel Paint It error message 20.  Does not open after updating to Mavericks