Painter 12.1 Update Ready for Download

For those that missed the update notification today, the Painter 12.1 Update is now live and ready for downloading...for free. Our development team have been working on several fixes and new enhancements. At a high level, look for the follow new features and content for your licensed copy of Painter 12:

  • New brush sharing and management
  • Enhanced live Brush Stroke Preview
  • Moving and copying brush variants within a library
  • New workspace management
  • Enhanced color mixer palette
  • New and improved drag-and-drop support for panels
  • New panel resizing and presentation options
  • Adobe® Photoshop® plug-in support

More details of Painter 12.1 are located here. Let us know what you think! 


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  • no 64 bit support for mac yet? :(

    damn, Corel, back at it again with the new bugs.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the new method of managing Brush libraries. This will make my job of teaching Corel Painter soooo much easier. :D

    Elaina Moore-Kelly

    Windows 7 Pro 64-bit/Intel Core i5-3570K @ 3.40 ghz/32.0GB DDR3 RAM/NVIDIA Quadro 600

    DAA Instructor: Introduction to Painter

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    Great update, this makes me so happy. :D

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    great job, coolest update ever, not only fixing bugs but adding new content, really happy tat you fixed bleed, got job corel team.

  •  A thing of beauty and a joy forever! Nice improvements, guys! Thanks for your work!

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    no 64 bit support for mac yet? :(

    I ask that question to anyone that will listen... people at Corel behave as if I'm asking them to perform combinatorics.  It's kind of like the John Derry announcement about courses coming by the end of 2011 for Painter 12 - when you call they have no idea what you're talking about.  I am a total newbie, and trying to learn Painter 12 from anywhere I can, but it's like trying to learn greek in Tennessee.  If the folks at Corel put 1/10th as much effort into user education as Adobe does for Photoshop I can't imagine where it would be.


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    Two places you can get Painter 12 lessons:

    1) Jeremy Sutton: Corel Painter 12 Video Workshop:

    2) Karen Sperling: Artistry Corel Painter 12 and 12.1 Beginners Guide:


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    Isn't independent of Corel and Adobe? It's up to individuals and Lynda whether or not they decide to create a video series, not Adobe or Corel. I'm sure you've read replies from others about various training options. There is also a comprehensive series from Jason Maranto that became available last August.

     Besides, you can still learn 90% of Painter from Painter 11 training if you wish to look at those at Lynda in the meantime.

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    Yes, of course - Lynda has nothing to do with them, she's no different than say, Scott Kelby, just a warehouse of training titles on many subjects.  My point in the grand scheme of things isn't really focused on who is or isn't accountable for the amount of training resources, or lack thereof - that exist.  Considering the responses I have gotten in other forums as well, regarding training in Painter, I would venture to say now that my question is probably rhetorical at this point.  Being new to painter, I was simply a bit surprised to see that learning photoshop seems to be as ubiquitous as learning to read and write english.  Go to the book stores and magazine stands and there are more Photoshop magazines than there are fashion magazines for women.  Go online and everyone but Santa Clause has training videos for Photoshop.  Painter on the other hand has this incredibly small circle of individuals who are most artists themselves that produce very brief, cryptic "how-tos" on a Painter step here, or one there.  I went looking for a comprehensive learning resource on Painter, soup to nuts… and I just don't think one exists.  I have noticed that more individuals are picking an abstract topic within painter, possibly something they particularly like to do or have learned well, like making a brush or doing a watercolor, and so they throw a youtube video up and want to charge for a training DVD they have put together.  I sincerely hope with the release of Painter 12 Corel (as a large company with resources) gets on the band wagon and starts producing comprehensive training materials for those of us who have not been using painter since version 1.  As far as "current" materials it seems that Jeremy Sutton is about the only person out there with comprehensive and organized learning tools for Painter and Painter 12 specifically.  This is somewhat disturbing considering many people argue that Painter is as sophisticated as Photoshop in many ways.  The learning curve, combined with the need to actually be creative with such a sophisticated tool makes it somewhat inexplicable there are so few quality, comprehensive training resources from Corel.

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    No, I can't argue that there's enough Painter training material around.There are 17 hours of Painter 12 training at the link I posted and another 14 for Painter 11 at Lynda, that should keep you going for a while. And, dare I say it? reading through the Help files is a sadly neglected way of learning these days (not aimed at you).

    I suspect that the Painter team have a tiny fraction of the resources that Adobe makes available to the Photoshop Team.

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    Thanks Joe - I will certainly give your links a look.  I have been on Lynda for years, so I have checked out the v.11 stuff, there is just so little John Derry does on portrait painting and auto-painting with portraits, etc.  Additionally, I see the 12 interface is quite different, better I'm sure.  I am anxious to see the 17  hours of Painter 12 training... thanks again for that resource.



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    You need to realize that Painter and Corel are drastically smaller than Adobe and Photo Shop.  Drastically smaller funding, and drastically smaller user base.  So while it would be nice to have the same number of learning resources as PS, it is highly unrealistic.


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    You might also want to try Digital Art Academy:

    for online Painter classes and webinars.

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    Absolutely, and without effort and motivation, it shall remain forever "unrealistic."

    Thanks for the links to resources!